The Roaring 2020’s

door Julia Schmidt

Now that most people have been vaccinated with their second dose against Covid-19, and stores, schools and public facilities are starting to open again and remove the mask and distancing rules, us students are slowly emerging from their caves of isolation and caution into the new society. After the period of fun prohibition, we are all eager to release the […]

The art of listening, actually listening

door Saumya Mohan

I never knew that listening to someone, listening to someone: processing what they said and asking questions based on what they said, could be so difficult. Then I woke up one day, went to my first SPC, and completely messed up! Since then, I’ve tried to master the art of listening. Some people are naturally talented at this, and it […]

Quick intro into the Dutch language and student life

door Sahil Sabnani

You have already noticed that it isn’t easy being a student. Whether you just moved thousands of kilometers or are still going back and forth from your parents’ place, every situation has its own challenges which are undeniably a pain to face. When I moved here some time ago, I was faced not only with having to get used to […]