Milk of the poppy; A curse or a blessing

door Saumya Mohan

I have given rise to wars, yet I am a symbol of peace. You can find me woven in Demeter’s diadem or in the food you eat. I can ensnare you into addiction but I am also prescribed by doctors to help you through the pain. What am I? I am Papaverum Somniferum or in layman’s terms, Opium Poppy. Opium […]

Politics and Medicine

door Julia Schmidt

Written by Julia Schmidt Should physicians have political opnions? What about medicine students? Do we have a right to our  opinion? Are we allowed to act on it? And who decides that? I was surprised to learn that the majority of students who are passionate about politics and are following the news, have opinions and even participate in protests or […]

Studying Alone vs. Studying in a Group

door Julia Schmidt

Written by Julia Schmidt In weighing the pros and cons of studying alone versus joining a study group, it all depends on your own study style and efficiency. Questions to ask yourself when making such decisions include: How much work will I get done alone vs. in a group?  Some students get things done faster when they study by themselves, […]